Country: China
Medium: Oil on Canvas


1956 Born in Beijing, China

1987 Graduated in Harbin teacher-training institute 

1994 Graduated in advanced courses in Chinese Calligraphy Institute 


Major Solo Exhibitions: 

2007  - " Ancient Rhyme – Language from the Heart” Beijing, China

2007 - Beijing contemporary artistic new visions  SongZhunang, China

2007 - “Chinese Element" Beijing, China 


Major Joint Exhibitions: 

2008  - “Close to New York” – Chinese Contemporary Art Show  New York, USA

          - Chinese Contemporary Art Exhibition  Beijing, China

          - The 2nd Chinese Contemporary Art Exhibition, Song Zhunang, China

          - Hong Kong International Collection Art Exhibition  Hong Kong, China

2007  - China International Cultural Art Exhibition   Beijing, China

           - “Many Years” – Chinese-German Artist 706 Exhibition Beijing, China

          - Chinese Contemporary Art Exhibition   Seoul, Korea

2001  - International Chinese Calligraphy Exhibition Singapore

1992   - International Chinese Calligraphy/ Sculpture Exhibition Seoul, Korea



Chinese Element - Deer
150 W x 150 H cm