Country: China
Medium: Acrylic on Canvas


Born in 1968 in Shangdong Province, settling down as an artist in Beijing now. 

Worked as a special editor of “Chinese Art Today” during 1999-2001.


Title of Works 

“the Memories of Mountains-and-Water” series. 

“the Teenage Journey” series. 



2008  "the Backbone Strength" Contemporary Art Exhibition,Gaoxiong,Taiwan

2008  “Chinese Artists in Berlin” Contemporary Art Exhibition, Berlin Germany

2008  The 2nd Tour Exhibition of “the Generation of Songzhuang”, Can Art Center, Beijing 

2007  The Original Creative, Art Exhibition

2007  The Generation of Songzhouang, Contemporary Art Exhibition

2007  Chinese&Foreign Artists in Qianshao Art Exhibition

2007  The 1st Contemporary Art Exhibition of East Coast Terminal, Beijing 

2007  The Exhibition of “Backbone Strength”, Arts Mansion, Beijing  

2007  The 1st autumn Exhibition of Songzhuang’s Artists, Beijing  

2006  The 2nd Chinese Art Today Exhibition, the National Art Museum of China, Beijing

2006  The Nominated Artists Exhibition of Songzhuang, Shangshang Art Museum, Beijing 

2006  The Multi-Media Exhibition of Songzhuang, Beijing 

2006  The Pressure and Power of Fugacious Era Exhibition, Beijing

2005   The Art Festival of Songzhuang Exhibition, Beijing

2004   The World-Peace Art Exhibition of the United Unions, Korea

2004   The Nominated Exhibition of the Excellent Young Artists, Art Today Museum, Beijing

2003   The “Made in China” Contomporary Art Exhibition, Sanhe Art Center, Beijing 

2003   The 1st Chinese Art Today Exhibition, China Century Art Museum, Beijing

2002   The Exhibition of “What is Important is Car”(the Idea art) , the Luxury Car Center of Wangfujing, Beijing 

2002   The Exhibition of “Model Mass”, the Culture Center of Chaoyang District, Beijing


Mountain and River Series No. 16
120 W x 100 H cm