Country: Italy
Medium: Sculpture

Born in a small town near Venice, 1931


1949 – Worked with world famous Glass Craftsmen: Mamaraclo, Gino Forte and Flavio Poli

Early 50’s – Meeting with both World-Class artists Pablo Picasso. At the same period of time, running few major exhibitions at Beilacqua La Masa with works of his own creation, being recognized as a Master Designer.

1963 – Obtaining a great appreciation by Pablo Picasso for His works shown at Murano Glass Exhibition organized by the Instituto Veneto per il Lavoro.

1977 – He joined the “ first course for artists “organized by the an International Glass School; giving him a chance of showing his impeccable craftsmanship to interpret the Master Artistic designs like Piccaso, Horst Sobota, Ren-Zo Margonari and Ghibbe. Those creations have gained high approval and recognation by these Masters.